About Us

We are uWaver — an IT infrastructure, networking and information security consultancy, and software development, helping you to optimise, automate, and improve your business. On demand, we also are offering a wide range of other services like print and digital design, web site design and development, cloud services, and general IT support. As a modern company, we are using the latest technologies and solutions to achieve the best possible results for you.

IT Services

We offer various IT services, ranging from web site hosting and cloud backup for your data to email and ftp services, to fully dedicated servers for your company. Take advantage of virtualization through a dedicated server that is completely yours and is not shared with anyone, and enjoy high speed bandwidth.

Mobile Application Development

We develop games and mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Our app development experience extends beyond smartphones and into tablet and desktop space. We offer beautiful Metro-styled solutions built for Windows spanning all 3 screens: desktop / laptop, tablets, and smartphones.

Web Site Design

From a personal business card online to a heavily visited portal or online shop, we design and build dynamic web sites that are fast and usable. You will get an adaptive web site that looks great on devices of any screen size (all our sites utilise responsive design principles). Upon request, we will help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) too.